Band Bios: Meet the Cats

Kimberly Kornegay: singer/songwriter/drummer

Kimberly started playing drums, guitar and singing at a young age and has continued to this day. She started with cover bands in the early days to performing solo throughout the US. Covering a wide range of music from originals to raw blues she wound her way around the music scene. Returning back to her native North Carolina in 1996, Kimberly played drums and sang in several groups including Jamie Anderson’s Broad Street band playing festivals and coffee houses. She played with The Outskirts, a roots rock group from Raleigh and Deja Blu Band, a local kicking blues band before forming the original Feral Cats with local Kinston talent that "put it out" for several years. This new r2 version of Feral Cats has her fronting with hand percussion and harmonica taking dance blues to a new level to "blues your socks off". Her talents include vocals, percussion, harmonica, and guitar with club, festival and studio experience. With a cache of originals to work on she loves writing music and performing hard driving blues.

Rick Cypher: Guitar/vocals

Rick grew up in Butler, PA just north of Pittsburgh and started playing guitar when he was 9. He was playing in bars and at wedding receptions before he had his driver’s license, his dad had to take him to gigs and stay with him so he could be in the bars he played at. Playing in many rock and roll bands and lounge bands (think matching leisure suits!), following the genres of the time, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, from country, to disco and funk, to arena rock. Rumor has it that he still has a pair of spandex pants from the “big hair band” days. He moved to NY in the 80’s and remembers the days when they had to rent a 21 foot U-Haul to get the band, sound system, and light show to gigs (thank goodness for Roadies). Rick has moved from NY to NC to NY and to NC and does not plan any more moves. Rick met Kevin Burrus at an acoustic get together, Kevin and friend Chris Shupe had met Kimberly and needed a guitarist for their new band project. So starts our story of The Feral Cats!

Kevin Burrus: Bass

 Raised in the Northeastern corner of NC, Kevin was taught to play bass in 1976 by his best friend who was the guitar prodigy in the area. The two buddies wanted to start a band while in High School and needed a bass player, and the rest is history. Kevin has learned on his own since then and has played in many bands over the years, including: Richard Pearsal & the Rockin’ Rye Band, Midlife Crisis, Broken Blue, Nothing Personal, E-Train & the Rusted Rails,  Temporary Saint, Lightnin’ James, the Walt Wetherington Project, Sunshine Alley, and T-Bone & the High Steaks to name a few. All of these bands gigged in the local Triangle area of NC and most of these bands did professional recording projects… so Kevin has lots of stage and studio experience. Kevin loves to play, and has a funky style that most listeners really appreciate. The Feral Cats project has Kevin excited and chompin’ at the bit to play their funky blues for the masses! 

Roland Stader: Drummer


At the age of 9 Roland developed the drum fever while watching the “Fab Four” on The Ed Sullivan show. Drumming on everything and anything, he taught himself a style that would be perfect for playing the blues. At 14, his first kit would introduce him to a world of music and allow him to develop a style that would blend the best of rock, R&B, country and blues artists. These days he has three kits that create the perfect mood for the moment at hand. Stepping into the role as Feral Cats drummer was no small task but the love of the blues allowed him to fill the spot with style. The Cats are lucky that he has had the experiences playing in bands throughout the years that have molded him into just the right fit. Roland is our Funky Cat..

Meet the Cats!

Feral Cats began their journey in the summer of 2018. The four musicians, Kimberly Kornegay, Kevin Burrus, Rick Cypher and Roland Stader met a few times to see if this troupe would gel and they quickly found “the groove”. Hard work, dedication to their craft and the love of the blues has quickly set this band apart making the crowds dance ever since. With gigs scheduled to play around NC at clubs, festivals and parties the group has assembled a great list of dance blues so come out and “Take us in”.